Clifton Stengths Coach


Your strengths are unique

Strengths Coaching is a discovery and strategy process to align your goals and plans to your strengths.  Target your talents and fulfill your purpose. 


2 Hour Consultation

After taking the Strengthsfinder test we look out how you can understand and work with your unique portfolio of strenghs to make immediate and strategic changes in your life.

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Full Day Consultation

Focus on developing your strengths completely to live a strengths-based life. Our full day together will complete a 5 year action plan combining your vision and strengths.  

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Team Training

Have your entire team align according to their strengths. 

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Ben Thomas

I am a pastor in Portland Oregon and a seasonal commercial fisherman in Alaska. I care deeply about helping people understand themselves and succeed in life.


"Ben took my staff of ten through the Clifton Strengths training. We now understand each other and work together at a remarkable level of clarity."

— Jonathan Collins, The Bible Project



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